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Our Investment Approach

At Parc Wealth Management we are focused on protecting and managing your wealth by keeping our attention on what is important to you.

Capital Preservation

A Satisfactory Return

We have adopted a disciplined approach to achieve those important investment values that are not based on a flawed idea that markets are efficient and fair. Our approach to achieving your objectives is based on a combination of patience, experience, market knowledge, team work and humility.

The primary aim of our investment approach is to achieve a satisfactory return on your invested capital. We aim to achieve this return by balancing the following crucial approaches;

The overriding consideration in managing your money is the protection of your capital.

Not taking a static approach.

The permanent loss of capital is the single greatest risk all investors face.

Investments will not be invested in the same asset class for the long term with the hope that the correct asset class has been chosen.

Our approach doesn’t attempt to time markets on a day to day basis as that is a speculative approach.

Being a successful investor is not easy. It is made all the more difficult by the irrational behaviours that are hard wired into human beings and the obsession of the investment industry to focus on protecting their own reputations, building their own businesses via the relentless chase for more assets to manage primarily by selling the easiest product to investors exposing them to the very real risk of permanent loss of capital.

At Parc Wealth Management we recognise these industry pitfalls. We work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that any action or investment for which we provide advice is firmly based upon a solid financial foundation and is applicable for the individual client circumstances at that time.

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