Financial Planning

Are you diversifying, expanding a business, planning your retirement or need to re-consider your direction?

Wherever your life journey takes you, now and into the future, we mentor you along the way. In a custom 6 step process, we evaluate and implement the best possible solutions for every situation.


Parc Wealth Management embarks on a journey together with each client through our unique 6 step process to tailor an individual Financial Solution based on every individual’s specific goals and objectives. The relationship with our client grows as we continually evaluate and implement the best possible solutions for every situation. We specialise in complex, multifaceted advice for numerous entities on a separate or integrated basis as required.

Gathering and Discussing your Financial Information

Where are you coming from?

What prior experiences and resources have you accumulated to get to where you desire?

To customise a Financial Plan, we need a few things first. With this information we can create a clear vision for your financial future. Building and protecting your wealth are our primary concerns.


Understanding your Goals

Where are you going?

Before you embark on a journey you should always have a destination in mind.

We need to understand what is important to you. We will work with you to understand your personal and financial goals. At this stage we will identify any legislative, taxation or social security consequences that may apply to your individual circumstances.


Analysing the Information

How are you getting there?

We go through your supplies and ensure you have the correct provisions to get you to your destination.

A Financial Plan is only as good as the information on which it is based. Whether it is financial statements, insurance policies or superannuation accounts, we take our research seriously. In this vein, we dedicate a significant amount of time to familiarise ourselves with your current circumstances to determine what your resources are and how best to apply them towards achieving your goals and objectives.


Constructing a Financial Plan – Solution Mode

What are your plans?

Together we calculate the most suitable route taking into account your demands and abilities.

We will develop strategies that outline the options available to you for achieving your goals and objectives. At this point we can mutually agree to proceed with the implementation of our recommendations.


Implementing the Recommended Strategies

Are you ready to go?

Once your itinerary is set, we assist you with check-in and ensure a smooth departure.

A Financial Plan is only helpful if the recommendations are put into action. You can choose at this stage to implement, modify or reject one or any of the recommendations. It is at this stage that the strategies outlined in the plan are implemented using your financial resources allocated for this purpose.


Reviewing the Plan and Strategies – Ongoing Service

We are here for you.

We will follow up to ensure the journey goes as planned and at times correct the course if required.

Periodic reviews and revisions of your plan are essential to account for changes in personal and economic conditions. These reviews are undertaken to ensure your plan stays ‘on track’ and to make adjustments where your personal situation or market conditions have changed.


Through our bespoke tax-aware advice on income, business, investments, superannuation and insurance, your confidence builds around your financial position in taking on the expected – and the unexpected.