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Self-Managed Super Advice


We believe that superannuation remains a powerful and tax effective vehicle for investment. The tax concessions available make super a very effective environment for your retirement savings. The ethos at Parc Wealth Management is very much the belief that through investing wisely in your super, there is an opportunity to make a significant difference to your income levels in retirement. We therefore provide support and assist our clients in the construction of a suitable portfolio of investments. This ensures that they take advantage of particular benefits in the superannuation environment.

While it may be beneficial to consider a plan sooner rather than later, it is never too early or too late to work on a viable plan for your money in super. While we provide advice to those already operating or looking to set up their own self-managed super fund (SMSF), we also work with our clients to ensure that their investment strategy is appropriate and assets held are in line with the strategy in place.

Additionally, we educate our clients so they know their options in terms of assets in which to invest. We explain complex strategies such as leveraging through a SMSF to purchase direct property or shares inside the fund as well as re-contribution strategies to minimise any possible negative tax outcomes that may arise after their passing.

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