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At Parc Wealth Management we make it our primary objective to get to know all of our clients intimately and solidify the foundations of a long and prosperous relationship.  Your history, life story, goals and aspirations are vital to us in the preparation of our personalised advice to you. This may go beyond merely knowing your financial position and your tolerance for risk. Rather it is about developing an understanding of what matters to you most, what you desire for your future and what your dreams are for both your own and your family’s future.

We strongly believe that our clients should be part of the process of building a portfolio that matches both personality and objectives.  We encourage and foster an open dialogue with our clients to construct portfolios based on a risk exposure and weighting.  Occasionally, clients like to maintain particular shareholdings which may not necessarily fit into the agreed configuration of the portfolio. This is respected, of course, and we seek to structure the remaining investments within the portfolio to take this into account. In preserving your capital, our goal, first and foremost, is that your investments are not exposed to any more volatility than is necessary.

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