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Insurance – Personal Risk Insurance


The concept of having personal insurances in place, is to have the ability to help ensure that those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged in the event of your death, a medical crisis or a disability. It is also essential to note that over time, as your life circumstances change, so too should your level of cover to ensure you are adequately protected. There are many ways in which a family can protect itself, with many products available on the market. We will sit down with you to consider, assess and apply the most appropriate policy for your unique and individual circumstances.

Whilst it is not pleasant to think about sickness or even death, the benefit of being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times and insuring ourselves against such undesirable events cannot be overlooked. Life has a droll way at times of sneaking up on us and hurling the unexpected in our direction. The nature of life is in its essence unpredictable and in light of this we need to prepare for all eventualities. We work with our clients to attain a level of cover that provides comfort and peace of mind, is affordable and is structured correctly; with policies being held either inside or outside of your superannuation accounts.

The idea behind risk insurance (or risk management) is very simple: if something terrible happens to you, either in the form of critical illness or sudden death, the insurance premiums that you have been paying will look after and help support you and your family.

A life insurance policy for example can help replace income that would be lost upon your death. It can also help ensure your dependents are not burdened with significant debt at a difficult time, or provide a cash infusion to your business to meet ongoing expenses and obligations.

Insurance, in some form, means that you can still keep paying the mortgage, you can still pay the school fees, and you can still put food on the table, no matter what.
Peace of mind is priceless, especially if you have dependents.

As a broad guide, please ask yourself the following questions;

a. Do you have any dependents and if so, how many?
b. What are your current monthly outgoing expenses?
c. Do you have any debt and how are you currently servicing it?
d. How much money can you afford to pay for your insurance?
e. Do you have any insurance cover in your superannuation?

We will assist you in working through these questions and recommend the best possible cover for you. We have access to a broad range of insurance providers in the market and will help you find the most competitive cover for your circumstances.

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