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Direct Shares


For those who have not invested in shares before, the concept of buying and selling shares can seem a little bit overwhelming and intimidating. Because the prices of shares may rise and fall dramatically depending on supply and demand, it is important to have a good knowledge and understanding of what share trading involves.

The benefits to consider in share trading include;

  • If you buy and sell your shares intelligently, there is the possibility to receive lucrative returns.
  • The cost of entry into the market is comparatively low when compared to other investments such as property.
  • Due to the wide variety of shares available on the market, there is the ability to choose the shares that best suit your portfolio.

Your share portfolio will be unique to your individual circumstances and will largely depend on your risk profile, your needs, and objectives.

Together with market conditions, your individual circumstances will dictate whether your share portfolio may be classified as defensive or conservative, balanced or growth-orientated. Additionally, the focus of your share portfolio can concentrate on income/yield or be more growth orientated, through the pursuit of capital gains.

Varying appetite for risk, different needs and personal situations all require careful consideration. We are fully prepared to give you advice and guidance on how to make the most out of your portfolio. We will sit down with you and develop your share portfolio step-by-step, making sure that various options and scenarios are considered along the way.

Our services include:

  • Discussion assessing your profile and needs.
  • A tailored portfolio developed according to your circumstances.
  • Ongoing portfolio maintenance and review.
  • Guidance and recommendations on an as-needed basis.
  • Access to research reports.

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